Thursday, February 02, 2012

Make way for Sunway!

Even though Richmond is filled to the brim with bubble tea joints and Taiwanese style restaurants, I have yet to find one that is representative of authentic Taiwanese food. That is until I discovered Sunway. I haven't explored much of their menu yet, but it is quickly becoming my Taiwanese go-to place in Richmond.

Sunway Pork Rice in Egg $8.50 + tax
The pork rice in egg (蛋包飯) was delicious. What I especially liked about it was that it tasted very homey, as if it were mama's own cooking. The egg layer was thin and cooked to a good degree. I was very impressed that the chef was able to fry an egg to such a wide surface area without breaking it! Inside consists of piping hot ketchup fried rice, which was quite flavorsome and went well with the egg. The mayonnaise dressing on top may seem odd at first but it really did add a nice tang to the dish without overpowering it. This was quite a large portion and left me bloated by the time I was done with it.
Sunway Beef Noodle $6.50 + tax
There are only a handful of places that offer tendon in beef noodle and yes, Sunway is one of them! Their house beef noodle has a variety of toppings in it, for those of you that can't decide what you want. The soup is hearty and full-flavored. The tendon has a wonderful chewy texture and the beef is tender. I wouldn't say their beef noodle is absolutely amazing but it is pretty well done. 

Lu Wei Pig Intestine
As a side, we ordered the Lu Wei Pig Intestine. I love pig intestine and Sunway does it very well. The intestines are nice and chewy. Sometimes the sauce doesn't penetrate enough into the intestine, ending up in a bland flavor, but every piece of this dish was nice and tasty. They sprinkle some chinese sauerkraut on the top, adding a little crunch and zest.

On top of yummy food, I also noticed that they serve a variety of Taiwanese drinks. I ordered one of my favorites, Winter Melon Tea and it was perfectly refreshing. Best thing is, it was only $2 for a full sized drink! I also saw Apple Soda (蘋果西打), Sarsaparilla (黑松沙士) and Guava Juice!

Sunway is a nice little cozy place to eat, but it does fill up rather quickly during meal times. Parking is also difficult at times, but it has still become one of my favorite places to eat!

Sunway Restaurant 三味食堂
1300-4540 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC

Taste: ★
Environment: ★☆☆
Service: ★★★
Price: $
Sunway Restaurant 三味食堂 on Urbanspoon


  1. I absolutely love this place! you should try the popcorn chicken... it is AMAZING. :D
    The pork rice in egg looks really good...

    1. Haha, I've heard such good things about the popcorn chicken! I will definitely try it next time.



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