Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello to Haroo

My food cravings alternate several times throughout the day. One minute I'll want some fresh sashimi and next thing you know, I'm dying for some Indian curry. Oddly enough though, Korean food rarely makes it into my cyclic yearnings, so my Korean restaurant forages never really go beyond Jang Mo Jib. Thus when that next bibimbap craving hit, I decided it was about high time I tried Haroo.  

Homey is the best way to describe Haroo's warm, simplistic atmosphere. It almost feels like going to grandma's house for a nice home cooked meal! The place is run by a sweet old couple who do the serving and cooking themselves, so service could get a little slow if the place is busy.

Complimentary Congee + Salad
The meal started off with a complimentary congee and a standard salad. This congee was really a nice and warming appetizer, which may look bland but was actually quite hearty due to the broth. Perfect for a cold wintery day!


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