Monday, April 25, 2011

Yogurt Spoon: Why Do Drugs When You Can Do Froyo?

Frozen yogurt has recently become a popular alternative to ice cream as people are becoming more health conscious and prefer low-fat choices. 
I have always been a die-hard froyo fan and was super excited when I unexpectedly came across Yogurt Spoon one day. Before discovering this store, I would always complain and wish that a decent frozen yogurt place would open around the area I live in-- now my wish has come true! 
I have to admit, it's been hard trying to refrain myself from visiting the store every single day. Trust me, this stuff is quite addictive.           
When you enter the store, the friendly staff greet you with an energetic "Welcome to Yogurt Spoon!"
before you make your way to the yogurt station.  This place is self-serve and you can literally put anything you want and as much as you want in your cup. They offer around 10 frozen yogurt flavours, with original and chocolate being my favorites. Original is a bit sour and very refreshing, while the chocolate has a thicker taste and can definitely satisfy that crave for ice cream. They also have cheesecake and other fruit flavours that vary day to day. One flavour not enough for you? No worries, they have mixed flavours!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We All Scream for ICE CREAM!

After such a long winter, I'm so glad that the sun finally decided to pay Vancouver a visit again. With the days getting longer, there's nothing better than to laze around on a warm afternoon, eating some ice cream! I couldn't stand being cooped up in the library during finals season anymore while the weather was so nice, so I headed over to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream.

The first time I had Cold Stone was in Taiwan, where the menu had so many items on it that it was quite difficult to make a choice. So when I looked at the menu for the Vancouver location, I was very surprised by the limited amount of choices. Perhaps most people go for the option of mixing and matching their own. Another thing that was really different was the service. My server was not very friendly, and spoke in such a mumbled voice that I could barely hear.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu: Have You Ever Heard of Mind-Blasting Tofu?

The one reason why I love to go to Korean restaurants is that they always offer side dishes and many of them offer refills. I also like the fact that I get to choose the level of spiciness for my food.  

I have been to Toronto's Korea Town countless times but Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu is a relatively new discovery.  It's a shame that I didn't find out about this place until a couple months ago, as it is known to serve the best tofu pots in town. But better late than never!

Now you're probably wondering where this mind-blasting tofu is...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don't Underestimate Food Courts!

When you're pressed for time, the best place to go to is a food court. The food court at Aberdeen Center serves a variety of foods, but Mambo Cafe is the one stall that I go to when I'm craving some Hong Kong Cafe style type of food (also the one stall that contributes significantly to my rapidly expanding waistline).

Today I had their Yuanyang Fried Rice (鴛鴦炒飯), consisting of fried rice baked with half cream sauce and half tomato sauce.

They were very generous with the chicken and shrimp toppings. The sauces were very flavorful with a layer of cheese baked on top. There were also plenty of onions and peas scattered around (healthy?). All their menu items come with a drink of your choice, so I had some cold lemon tea. As you can see, the portion is quite big -- I had to share!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Once upon a time..

Hello! This blog was setup by two friends who adore good eats and are always hungry (hence the url). We figured that since we love food and we love sharing, why not set up a food blog?

That being said, hope you enjoy our blogs! 

oh, and we are both proud Taiwanese Canadians who love stitch and hello kitty.

cheers :) 


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