In her dream life, Amy possesses a bottomless pit of a stomach and goes around tasting all the food she can get. During waking hours, she reverts back to being a fourth year science student at the University of British Columbia, and spends majority of her time poking around in a lab ("research", she calls it).

As a fourth year commerce student at the University of Toronto who secretly wishes to bake all day, Lulu constantly struggles to avoid her spatula for her calculator. When she isn't holding a spatula or a calculator, this baking addict is disguised as the President of a non-profit student organization.

Despite their polar differences, Amy & Lulu do share two things: 1) passion for food and 2) a great long distance friendship. Add them together and that's how this blog was born. Created as an outlet to share each other's experiences, they hope to show you all culinary goodness Vancouver and Toronto has to offer!

We love e-mails! Send us a shout at hungrylumi@gmail.com :)

Featured Guest Authors
Are you a guy and feel underrepresented in the foodblog world? Well, thank goodness for Steven and his meat-mongering, froyo-resistant, deepfry-loving ways!


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