Sunday, December 09, 2012

This is The One

Japanese Green Tea Slush  抹茶冰沙
$6.25 + tax
Whenever it came to satisfying a bubble tea craving, Richmond would be my go-to place simply because of familiarity with the bubble tea cafes there. However, one night, a friend who works in Burnaby took me to The One for a late night munch. I was happy to be venturing out of Richmond and was excited to see what was in stock for me.

For those who have been to or have heard of The One before, you will probably immediately recognize the sky-high slushie pictured right, as it is one of their iconic features. While they are very generous with the portions, this didn't mean that they were lacking on quality. My green tea slushie with pearls was smooth and creamy and not diluted at all.

Chinese East Northern Hot Pot  酸菜白肉鍋  $11.75 + tax 

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Sucker for Suika

AMY: Driving down Broadway can be a bit of a multi-task. First there's the constant roar of traffic, a million lights to pay attention to, all while you try not to focus on which of the many restaurants that line this street have yet to be visited. Situations like this can often lead to a complete overlook of dining gems, such as Suika. The outer decor is not particularly flashy or eye-catching, but that is totally misrepresentative of the inside, because the food and energy of the place has certainly caught my attention...
Sashimi "Shake" Salad $7.80
AMY: Salads never appeal to me. There's just nothing mouthwatering about a bowl of raw vegetables slathered with sauce. But Suika takes salad to a whole new different level with their Sashimi Shake Salad. There's just something about the oh-so-fresh sashimi slices, lightly drizzled with a tangy sauce, ending with a refreshing crisp of vegetables that has got me hooked. I would never think twice about ordering this dish at Suika!

LULU:  Contrary to Amy, salads are always my favourite. This sashimi salad, which was highly spoken of by friends, did not disappoint at all! It was probably my favourite dish of the night because of the freshness.


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