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Sucker for Suika

AMY: Driving down Broadway can be a bit of a multi-task. First there's the constant roar of traffic, a million lights to pay attention to, all while you try not to focus on which of the many restaurants that line this street have yet to be visited. Situations like this can often lead to a complete overlook of dining gems, such as Suika. The outer decor is not particularly flashy or eye-catching, but that is totally misrepresentative of the inside, because the food and energy of the place has certainly caught my attention...
Sashimi "Shake" Salad $7.80
AMY: Salads never appeal to me. There's just nothing mouthwatering about a bowl of raw vegetables slathered with sauce. But Suika takes salad to a whole new different level with their Sashimi Shake Salad. There's just something about the oh-so-fresh sashimi slices, lightly drizzled with a tangy sauce, ending with a refreshing crisp of vegetables that has got me hooked. I would never think twice about ordering this dish at Suika!

LULU:  Contrary to Amy, salads are always my favourite. This sashimi salad, which was highly spoken of by friends, did not disappoint at all! It was probably my favourite dish of the night because of the freshness.

Torotoro Cha-Shu $8.80
AMY: The Tontoro Cha-Shu took me completely by surprise. On the surface it looks mediocre at best...not much color or texture going on. Upon tasting however, my taste buds experienced a heavenly explosion of buttery goodness, followed by the gentle caress of tender, juicy meat. This might boil down to personal preference though, as I am a big fan of fatty meats.

LULU: Although I agree with Amy on a lot of things, the cha-su was my least favorite. I do not like fatty meats and therefore to me, it tasted like nothing but a blob of oil. But based on the texture, I can understand why fatty meat fans would appreciate it. After a small bite, I decided I would just stick to my refreshing salad and get rid of the oily feel in my mouth. 
Agedashi Ebiten Tofu  $6.40
AMY: This is your standard Agedashi Tofu, topped with pieces of fried shrimp, nothing more, nothing less.
Kakuni Bibimbap $8.80
LULU: The kakuni bibimbap containes rice with pork belly, dried shrimp and scallions. The waiters mix the rice for you after bringing the stone bowl to your table. The tender pork belly was very rich in taste and melted in your mouth. Overall, I thought the rice was a bit too sweet from the sauce.

AMY: The quality of the kakuni bibimbap seems to be quite inconsistent. I remember the first time I had this dish, it took me to food heaven. This time, it simply conjured a simple "mmm" and was promptly pushed to the boundaries of my plate to make room for the other dishes.
Chicken Karaage $7.80
LULU: The chicken karaage, a must have whenever eating at Japanese restaurants, was your ordinary fried chicken. Nothing stood out and it wasn't a memorable dish. 
Hellz Chicken $8.80
AMY: The Hellz Chicken is certainly unique to Suika. It is advertised as so spicy that it warrants its own warning sign on the menu! One whiff of this chicken is enough to ruffle those sensitive mucous membranes and make you crinkle your nose, but in truth it really isn't all that spicy. It will leave your tongue and lips numb for a bit, but even as a non-spicy eater, this dish was definitely tolerable. Plus, after you get past the zesty outside, there is a tender, juicy chicken core awaiting you! Just think of it as chicken karaage on steroids.

Suika Shirley Temple $4 & Suika Soda $7

AMY: My Suika Shirley Temple brought a nice twist to a traditional shirley temple by using fresh watermelon juice. True to the restaurant name Suika, this drink delivers a cooling splash of watermelon flavour guaranteed to quench your thirst, especially after a mouthful of Hellz Chicken.

LULU: Thirst quenching, indeed! I never thought watermelon and alcohol would go so well together.  

AMY: Overall, a gathering at Suika is never disappointing. It has an upbeat, vibrant environment that will leave a lasting impression on your mind and a fun menu to leave a tasty impression on your tongue!

LULU:  Oh, and when you're here don't forget to check out their washroom. On top of the appealing decor, they thoughtfully set up a basket by the sink counters with tissue, toothpicks, and even mouth wash with mini paper cups. It's these little things that really leave a good impression! 

Taste: ★★★★☆
Environment: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★☆
Price: $$
1626 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
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  1. I tried this izakaya for the first time a few weeks ago for lunch with the bf and fell in love with it! I hope I get to come back to try dinner sometime soon! The sashimi salad looks delicious!



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