Monday, November 05, 2012

Cheesecake, Cheesecake and Cheesecake, Etc

AMY: Cheesecake Etc is easily one of the most well known dessert spots in Vancouver, and quite possibly also one of the best of its kind. The menu is simple - they specialize in cheesecakes and offer very little of anything else. Upon walking into the store you will find that the place is dimly lighted and sparsely furnished. My guess is that they're trying to set up some sort of ambience, but to me it's just really dark. I often find myself back here week after week, not only because they are open late night, but also because I really do like their cheesecakes!

LULU: The last time I was at Cheesecake Etc was more than 5 years ago, but it didn't really feel like it had been that long already. The place still looks the same and has the same vibe, besides the fact that it is now twice the size of what I recall. Most of all, the cheesecake was just as delicious as I had remembered.

Original Cheesecake $4.50 w/ Chocolate Sauce $1.25

Cheesecake w/ Strawberries $5.75
AMY: I usually opt for the Cheesecake with Strawberries because it's such a classic way to have cheesecake. There is a generous amount of strawberry sauce which I find to be a little on the sweet side, but the tanginess of the cheesecake balances it out nicely. All their cakes are topped with freshly whipped cream, which I absolutely love. It adds such a lovely layer of creaminess and is incredibly airy, which counteracts the dense, heavy cake.

Chocolate Cheesecake $5.75
LULU: I took a very long time deciding on my choice of cheesecake because they all seemed so good. To be honest, I had mixed feelings about my chocolate cheesecake. While I wished the cake had a richer chocolate taste, the distinct mixture of the sourness from the cream cheese and the sweet but also a bit bitter chocolate was a confusing but magical balance. While this was an interesting pick, I think I would opt for cheesecake with chocolate sauce next time instead.

Cheesecake w/ Chocolate Sauce & Pears (daily special) $6.50
AMY: Cheesecake Etc offers daily specials on rotation every night, so make sure to ask the server for the special of the evening! Usually the specials are never as enticing as the cheesecake with strawberries, but the pears certainly did appeal to me. I enjoyed this one very much because I found the pears to be much more light and refreshing.

If you haven't yet been to Cheesecake Etc, what are you waiting for? Get off your chair and go (unless of course it's before 7pm, in which case you will have to wait...but feel free to browse our blog until then).

Price: $

Cheesecake Etc
2141 Granville St
Vancouver, BC
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