Monday, January 26, 2015

Dine Out Vancouver 2015: La Terrazza

La Terrazza has been on my radar for quite some time now, but somehow always manages to get overlooked. This year, I finally took the opportunity to try it out as their Dine Out menu price is very reasonable compared to their normal prices. I was pretty surprised at how spacious yet cozy their interior was and made myself a mental note that next time I would definitely consider this place for a special occasion. 

Our meal started off with amazing truffle meatballs topped with a thick tomato sauce and some parmesan cheese. The meatballs were dense and carried the spicy tomato very well. This appetizer just made me wonder how mouthwatering their pastas would be. 
Someone decided to splurge and go for the roasted lamb racks, and what a great decision that was! The lamb was so melt-in-your-mouth tender, buttery and juicy with just a hint of game to it. I usually like to douse my lamb in sauces to really amp it up but the natural flavours in this dish were so succulent that the even the light pea puree was enough to compliment it. It's funny how we were both really impressed with the lamb as just moments before our first bite we were actually just discussing how we've yet to come across really good lamb. The Agnello came with a side of potato pave which acted as a nice, creamy wrap up to the dish. 
Agnello ($15.88 Supplement)
It took every ounce of self discipline in me to not order the pasta dish but to try the Cioppino instead. I was not disappointed as all the seafood in here was really fresh and chorizo-tomato broth was a light alternative to my usual hearty preferences. That said, I do wish that this dish had just a little bit more seasoning to it and maybe a longer cooking time for the flavours of the broth to really seep into the potatoes.  Potatoes aside, I was very satisfied with everything else in the Cioppino and especially enjoyed the crusty bread to soak up the broth. 
Clearly, the pig in me out shined the blogger in me that night, because I completely failed at taking pictures of my dessert before I demolished it. I will go out there though, and say that both the desserts on their Dine Out menu are amazingly delicious. Honestly, the vanilla creme brulee sounded...well, vanilla. But one decadent bite of custardy heaven after, I was won over. The tiramisu was an equally divine concoction of mascarpone and moist sponge cake, topped with a raspberry and chocolate shavings. 

To my pleasant surprise, I was absolutely stuffed at the end of the meal. I was expecting fine dining portions and hasty dine out preperations but no, La Terrazza delivers quite well in both terms of quality and quantity. Couple that with friendly, attentive service and suddenly I've got myself a new favourite. Everyone, make sure you don't miss out on La Terrazza! Oh and to all the vino lovers, I hear they also boast quite an extensive wine list :)

Taste: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★★
Price: $$$

La Terrazza
1088 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC
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  1. Thanks to your review I'll have to put La Terrezza on my dining list too, which seems to be every growing! (next up is probably Pear Tree). The Cioppino looks amazing....I'm already imagining how it tastes.

    How has your February been? Well I hope!



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