Sunday, January 04, 2015

An Afternoon at Butter Avenue

Butter Avenue has been on my list of dessert places for the longest time, but I never got to visiting the store as it is a bit out of the way for a downtowner like me. The main location is on Yonge street in a nice neighbourhood between Lawrence and York Mills. They also recently opened a second location downtown (yay! much closer) on Queen Street close to Spadina.  

We each ordered a different type of dessert to try and an iced coffee and latte. The coffee was good but pretty standard, and I was a tiny bit disappointed that my latte didn't have latte art. 

I didn't have any macarons at the store, but did buy some to go. My favourite flavours are lychee raspberry and dark chocolate. 

The pistachio tart was sweeter than expected. I loved the bright pink and bright green color combination. It was almost too cute to eat! The tarty raspberry macaron and raspberries did help balance the sweetness of the pistachio a little and overall made the pistachio tart enjoyable.

In comparison, the chocolate mousse cake was less sweeter than expected, probably cause of the dark chocolate ganache. I liked the santa chocolate adding to the festivity of the season. The cake was very chocolatey and rich, and went well with my coffee. It was a classic, and I wouldn't recommend if it you are looking for a surprise or something more out of the ordinary.

The store was fairly spacious, with about 4 small tables. It is good for pairs or bigger groups since you can easily move the tables and chairs around. I didn't find that there was much around to do in the area, but a nice afternoon at Butter Avenue would definitely be well spent. 

Taste: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★★★
Price: $$

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