Saturday, August 16, 2014

Let Down at Locus Lounge

Waking up naturally on a sunny Sunday with no particular plans in mind is the ideal condition for growing brunch dates. Even though I adore Cafe Medina to no end, my curiosity and aversion to block-long line ups on the most popular brunch day of the week led me to Locus Lounge! The place exudes a dark, gothic vibe when it comes to its decor, so I was very surprised to learn that they served brunch.

Locus Lounge has quite an extensive brunch menu, so it took us a while to finally decide what we wanted. First up was the Huevos Rancheros. I was expecting a hearty mess of ingredients thrown together but their version was surprisingly light and refreshing. I would have liked the salsa to have more kick in it but overall this dish managed to keep me on my toes without being too overbearing. 
Huevos Rancheros $13
Exotic ingredients always catch my eye so I knew I had to try the Pulled Wild Boar Benny. My anticipation of gracing my tastebuds with tangy, fluffy, tear-jerking pulled boar was met with nothing other than disappointment. The meat was bland and any hint of its flavour was quickly stifled by the running yolks of the poached egg and hollandaise sauce. While this dish still made for a nice filling brunch, it sadly did not deliver the fireworks I was expecting. 

Pulled Wild Boar Benny $13
I'm sure for people who live in the area will most certainly make Locus Lounge a brunch spot staple. However, the most memorable part of this meal for me was the complimentary bread basket (which was absolutely delicious, by the way, with three types of breads and two spreads to choose from!) and its friendly service. It's a quaint spot to drop by once a while as its decor is certainly special (but perhaps not to everyone's tastes) and it will do the job nicely if all you're looking for is some good old eggs benny to warm up your belly.

Taste: ★★
Environment: ★★
Service: ★★★★
Price: $$$

Locus Lounge
4121 Main St
Vancouver, BC 5V5 3P6
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  1. It's a shame the Benedict didn't live up to your expectations, it does look delicious from the photo though.

  2. u know locus is my fav drinking spot ;)



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