Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winterlicious at The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel was the first placed I made reservations for from my list of restaurants this year.  I picked it not only because it's a place I've always been eyeing, but also because they source locally for their ingredients. I'm not a vegetarian, but they do offer lots of vegetarian options, which I also appreciate. A snow storm was hitting Toronto, but that didn't stop us and it was so worth the trek!  

We wanted to be closer to the windows and I loved the bookshelves on the walls. So homey and cute!

Soup of the day: Beets and cabbage borsch
Borsch is my favourite type of soup so I had no hesitation when the waitress told us the soup of the day. The soup item varies, but will always feature a winter root vegetable. The soup was very heart and savoury, but was a little salty for my taste. The sour cream and dill as garnish did balance it out a little though.

Quinoa and rye berry salad
The salad on the other hand was very refreshing. The dish was very well presented, and there were lots of surprises each bite due to all the different types of ingredients. I loved the mixture of different textures. Ingredients include: quinoa, rye berry, wild rice and pearled barley with sheep's feta, thick yogurt, brussels sprouts, squash, pickles, carrot, zucchini and maple vinaigrette.

The bavette, which is another name for flank steak, is made from naturally raised Ontario cows. On the side there are roasted baby red potatoes, broccoli, wild mushrooms, and the oh-so-delicious beef jus. As you can see, the sides of the steak are charred. While the inside was a perfect medium, the sides of the steak were a little bit too burnt and bitter for my liking. The beef jus was spot on. I think steak is best served like this as you can taste the real and natural taste of the beef, instead of having a sauce that overpowers it.

Half rotisserie chicken
If your first thought was Swiss Chalet when you saw rotisserie chicken, you are not alone. While I do love Swiss Chalet, Drake's rotisserie chicken was on a whole different level. The chicken was super tender and amazingly juicy. Even without the chicken gravy on the side, the chicken was still flavourful, probably also because of the herbs on top. The wild rice stuffing was a great addition to the chicken, adding to the heartiness. It may look like a small plate, but worry not, as I am told that a grown man was very full from it. 

Burnt caramel custard
Caramel may not be my flavour, but this custard was perfect. It was not overly sweet, and the cranberry preserve added a good tang to it. The cinnamon shortbread was also a nice small treat on the side.

The plate included goat cheese, house made seed toasts and compote, which is kind of like a sauce made from fresh fruit cooked in syrup.

Super cute coaster!

All in all I was extremely pleased with my first dinner experience at the Drake. Our dinner as on the night of the Super Bowl, but even with the crowd our waitress was very attentive and our water glasses were always full. I will definitely go back again to eat, and I've heard great things about their rooftop patio, or Sky Yard, so I'm putting it on my to-do list to check it out in the summer. The Drake Hotel is also a top boutique hotel in Toronto, so perhaps a staycation destination?  

Taste: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★★★
Price: $$$

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  1. Wha...their chicken was better than Swiss Chalet? I don't believe it! ;) lol



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