Friday, January 13, 2012

A Quiet Afternoon at Meloty Fine Tea

LULU: Having been disappointed by Faubourg, we decided to give afternoon tea another try. Arranging our date to Meloty was extremely difficult since they are rarely open for some reason. When we finally made a reservation and made the visit to Meloty, I was surprised by how big the place was. The decor is elegant and rather calming. They also have a second floor and I liked that you could see the bottom floor from the top. During our visit, the restaurant was empty and quiet. The waitresses were dressed in uniforms and provided friendly service. However, it kind of bothered me that we could hear the chatter of the waitresses when they weren't serving customers.

AMY: We decided to go with the Deluxe High Tea as we were both quite hungry at the time. It comes with three tiers of savory bites and an all-you-can-eat style of desserts. Tea, of course, was refillable with hot water.
Meloty Deluxe High Tea $25 per person + tax

AMY: I chose to play it safe and went with the Apple Tea. It was fairly aromatic but it just tasted like plain tea. The teapots were unique and the china was pretty.

LULU: I liked the cutlery, but i thought it would be even neater if the teapots actually matched the cups and plates. I had the peach tea and to be honest, I don't remember much about it. It smelled extremely good, but tasted, well, just like normal tea.

LULU: The savoury snacks were served first after we got our tea. I always preferred savoury over sweet, so naturally I was more excited than Amy. At first glance, all of the items seemed were attractive to me since they all had ingredients that I like very much. The mini croissant sandwiches at the bottom were normal, can't go wrong with that. I really liked the waffle topped with bacon and cheese that sat on the second plate. For me, everything tastes good if there's cheese in it. However, as we went on to try more items on the plates, we were unpleasantly surprised....

AMY: I loves scones so I remember impulsively taking a huge bite out of the rosemary scones. Bad idea, because all I got was a mouthful of salty, semi-raw dough. They were pretty bad for scones so I decided to try to puff pastry next. Since I adore puff pastries, I took another hasty bite. To my horror, these yummy looking puffs were filled with nothing but mushrooms. I suppose a mushroom lover would greatly appreciate these, but I certainly did not enjoy them.

Next up were the sweets. They were not presented in the usual afternoon tea tiers, but instead brought over to us on trays. There were so many options we had a hard time deciding what to try! On the left is a tart filled with a sort of matcha paste and on the right is a chocolate raspberry tart. Above is just a standard strawberry dipped in chocolate. Overall the desserts were nothing too special or innovative, just your standard mini-treats.

LULU: I liked the chocolate raspberry tart due to my love for chocolate. I enjoyed very much the cup of the tart, which was made of dark chocolate.
When the panna cotta came, I was ecstatic because they were my favorite. They came in three flavours and I have to say, all of them were purely amazing. It wasn't just the fact that I adore panna cottas, but they were actually finely made -- the texture was just right, not too watery and not too hard, and the jam/jello on top added a very nice fruitful touch. Too bad these came last, or I would've ordered a bunch more if my stomach wasn't so bloated already.

Our experience at Meloty was not memorable besides the fact that we were bloated. It wasn't fascinating, but it wasn't horrible either. Compared to Faubourg, we liked the environment and atmosphere better, as well as the hardware (cutlery, furniture, etc). We would definitely recommend you to come with an empty stomach!

More photos:

Taste: ★★★★☆
Environment: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★☆
Price: $$$

1161 - 8328 Capstan Way
Richmond, BC
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