Tuesday, June 10, 2014

CraveTO: Senses Ignited

The CraveTO event was, in my opinion, a huge success. It was my first time at Wychwood barns and I love the venue. The last food event I had gone to was at Evergreen Brick Works, so I was mainly comparing this event to that.  I really liked that Wychwood barns had lots of places to seat, whether it be the grass, concrete steps or plastic tables and chairs on the sand. 

When we arrived at 7, there was a fair amount of people, but it got more crowded as the night went on.

Our first stop was to grab a drink at Dillon's. I did not know about them before this event, but the cuteness of their set up and the pastel colours immediately drew my attention.

Dillon's Distillery has 4 signature spirits, and their gin and rye were featured that night. We got to choose between Rhubarb Blossom and Honey Rye Lemonade.  They were very generous with the alcohol and almost half of my small plastic cup was rye. Although a bit strong for me, the drink tasted very good. I liked the citrusy flavour and freshness. 

Asada was at the top of my to-try list for this event. For the night, they offered 2 selections, chorizo or pulled pork, in burrito or taco form. The burritos were pre-rolled so I went for the tacos as I wanted to see the ingredients.

I was fully expecting to like the chorizo more, but pulled pork won my heart instead. Probably because of all the sauces and toppings, the chorizo's savouriness was overpowered.   The pulled pork taco on the other hand was perfect. The BBQ sauce was an ideal balance between savoury and sweet.

The staff also showed me other items on their menu in-store. She definitely succeeded in getting me to want to venture out to the store one day!

Oyster Boy was offering P.E.I Malpeques. I love oysters and I love Oyster Boy, so I really had to limit myself or I would be glued to their booth slurping dozens of oysters and missing out on everything else. 

Tocino Boys was also a food vendor that I was really looking forward to visiting. Just thought of sweet bacon made me feel all giddy! I loved the sweet chorizo and it was definitely worth waiting in line for. I also really liked the fact that they were bite sized because I was really getting full and wanted to try more things. 

Pizza Libretto was not on my list to try, but they were too cute to resist. The palm sized portion was also very manageable. I did find it to be a bit on the salty end for me though.

By the time we got to the sweets I was already bloated. But there's always room for dessert right? It was around 8:30 or 9 when we got to Sweet Sammies and they are almost sold out! This triple c (chewy chocolate chip cookie with chocolate ice cream) ice cream sandwich was the last one left. It was delicious and I wouldn't have ended my night of food in any other way. 

Although I was really looking forward to having the fish tacos from the Food Dudes, I was way too full and I was getting a bit tired from a long day at work to line up. Their line was the longest of all vendors, so it goes to show how good their food must have been! I'll have to keep in mind to go to them first if I see them at another event.

All in all I truly enjoyed my time at this CraveTO event. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious and it was a great venue. I thought there was just the right amount of space and people - not overcrowded but also busy enough. We had a great time trying out to eats and drinks and had fun meeting new people.

If you haven't attended any CraveTO events, you should definitely go! They have another event coming up at the end of this month called CraveTO Get Local.

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