Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Love You, Ebisu

After a long semester scrounging two ends of Canada for great food, Amy and Lulu have come together in Vancouver to bring you a series of co-blogs.  We hope you enjoy!

LULU: After finally going back to Vancouver, the first place I wanted to visit was Ebisu. I've heard Amy mention it several times and was especially interested because of the rumoured free shots on the house when the Canucks score a goal. That being said, what better place to watch a Canucks game while enjoying great food than Ebisu on Robson?
Tuna Tataki Supreme  $8.95
Tuna tataki is a dish that we both love and I had high expectations for it because Amy said their's was good. Indeed, Ebisu didn't let me down. The tuna was fresh and I liked the fact that it was really cold because I find raw fish to be a little weird when it's served warm. The diced raddish and green onion on top as well as the ponzu sauce definitely added to the great taste of the dish and got rid of any bad fishy smell/taste if there was any.
AMY: Whenever I visit any Japanese restaurant, tuna tataki is always a must-order. For Ebisu, it's one of the main reasons why I come. As Lulu mentioned, the tuna is always fresh and pairs perfectly with its tangy ponzu sauce.

Chicken Karaage $8.80
AMY: The Chicken Karaage was nicely fried and still tender on the inside. It came with two sauces -- spicy mayo and spicy ketchup. I personally preferred the spicy mayo for the flavor-punch that it added to the chicken.
LULU: I didn't think the Chicken Karaage would be a big deal since it didn't seem like anything special. To my surprise, the chicken under the fried skin was rather juicy and tender. I also really enjoyed the spicy mayo - it just makes everything taste better!

Victory Shot  Free!
The night we went to Ebisu was game 3, so we didn't get our free shots until third period. It was not a good game for us, but the free shots definitely made us feel a little bit better. I'm not that knowledgable when it comes to alcohol, so I couldn't really tell what was in the shot. What I can say is, it tasted really yummy! There was probably very low alcohol content because the shot tasted sweet but also sour, almost like a virgin cocktail but with a tiny bit of alcohol taste. It was like the sweet taste of victory! (Ironic, I know)
They not only give everyone in the restaurant free shots when the Canucks score,  but also offer a free drink to anyone who wears Canucks wear.

AMY: While Ebisu has a wide range of rolls, the Saba Inferno is probably one of the most interesting ones. The roll came with the fish raw on rice, but then the waitress whipped out a blow torch and proceeds to scorch the fish until it is lightly cooked. Taste-wise it is nothing spectacular. It was basically salty fish on rice, although at times it did feel a bit oily. This roll is available with either Saba or Hamachi.
Saba Inferno $9.99

BC Blazer $9.80
 AMY: The BC Blazer was a fancy version of a California Roll, with salmon slices, dried fish flakes and a sauce drizzled over it. It was pretty nice twist to a very ordinary roll, and I quite enjoyed the sauce. The flakes added a subtle fish flavor.

 LULU: I really enjoyed this roll because it was much different from the California rolls I've had in Toronto. Unlike most of the California Rolls in Toronto, the crab meat in the BC Blazer was actually mixed with mayonaise instead of a simple crab stick with no seasoning.
This roll would be a great choice if you are  craving for some California Roll but feel like it's too simple for a fancier restaurant.

AMY: The Fantastic Roll is one of my favorite rolls. It consists of cream cheese, fresh mango, tuna sashimi and avocado slices. Whoever came up with the idea of putting mango in a sushi roll is pure genius. It's sweetness counteracts the heaviness of the cream cheese, resulting in a roll that is both refreshing and satisfying. As for the Crunch and Munch, be sure to eat it while its fresh, or else the shrimp tempura might get a bit soggy.
(Left) Fantastic Roll $9.80   (Right)  Crunch & Munch

Ebisu on Robson is a great place to chill with friends or watch a game thanks to it's upbeat environment and unique menu. First timers to Ebisu might have a hard time picking from all the tempting food, so come hungry!

NOTE: The three Ebisu restaurants differ greatly in terms in food quality and service. This review is only intended for the Robson location. 

Ebisu On Robson
827 Bute Street
Vancouver, BC

Taste: ★★★★
Environment: ★★★★
Service: ★★★★
Price: $

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  1. It's definitely the best Ebisu out of the three in Vancouver and Richmond. Though you really can't go wrong with avocado and fish :D

  2. I would definitely agree with you on that one!

  3. i want to be back to vancouver. RIGHT NOW.

  4. fantastic seems like an understatement for the fantastic roll!! salmon, cream cheese, avocado <3 <3

  5. You guys should go back to Vancouver and have some!! :)

  6. I still have not been to Ebisu....they have a lot of interesting looking rolls though =)

  7. you should definitely give them a try then ;) I'd give them a thumbs up haha



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