Thursday, June 09, 2011

Let's Go For Tea!

Since moving to Toronto, I feel like I have been deprived of good bubble tea. It's not
that there aren't bubble tea places in Toronto, it's just that so far I haven't had any good bbt in downtown.
Having spent almost all of my life in places where bubble tea is common, I have developed high standards for it. Unsatisfied with the bbt I've been having in downtown, I was eager to try out Go For Tea when I learned that that they serve authentic Taiwanese cuisine and bbt. To my surprise, the bbt here is delicious and pretty authentic. They only have two sizes, which I felt were either too small or too much. However, large is a good choice if you plan to sit there for a while.

The first time I went to Go For Tea was after dinner so I only ordered a drink and a snack. Pictured below is the Milk Custard Toast (奶酥厚片吐司), which I thought was absolutely delicious. The crust was crunchy, and the milk custard on top was flavourful without being overly sweet.

The Chocolate Toast (巧克力厚片吐司)amazed me as well. The chocolate is not like the chocolate syrup we use at home, but rather real chocolate paste/sauce.  The chocolate was thick and I really liked it.

Having enjoyed my first visit there, I decided to go back very soon and went for dinner this time. I was very impressed by the Shredded Chicken with Meat Sauce on Rice (嘉義雞肉飯) because it tasted exactly the same as what I remembered it to taste like when I had it in Taiwan.

Although I enjoyed all the food and beverages I had from the two times I've been here, I was very disappointed by their Mango Shaved Ice(芒果刨冰). There was very little ice compared to what I've had before, and there was excessive puree to the point that I almost found it sickening. Besides the mango puree, there was also syrup in the ice so the entire dish was ridiculously sweet. We ended up just picking out the mangoes and left the rest.

Overall it was still a pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend this place.

Go For Tea
230 Commerce Valley Dr E
Thornhill, ON
Taste: ★★★★
Environment: ★★★★
Service: ★★★★
Price: $

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  1. Have you tried Serissa航星塔? It is on Highway 7 and Warden. It is at the little plaza by Hilton Hotel. I myself prefer the bbt at Serissa than Go For Tea

  2. I've actually never tried it before, but I'll definitely check it out some time. Thanks for the recommendation!

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