Monday, March 04, 2013

Winterlicious: Oh-So-Romantic at La Maquette

La Maquette was chosen because we wanted to try out French cuisine and I wasn't going to turn down lobster. We had heard that this place was one of the most romantic restaurants in Toronto and surely it was compared to all the places I've been to. (The lighting was very dim so please excuse the photos.)

As we entered, we were greeted by the beautiful silences of the room until we heard our hostess' footsteps scrambling down the stairs. She took us in with great delight and led us up the turning stairs to a mesmerizing dining floor lit up by the chandelier.  As you step into the dining room, the sounds of conversation and cutlery come to life, with the melodies of live classical guitar playing in the background.

Warm Pulled Duck Confit
I've only had duck made in the asian way (such as Peking duck or Japanese style), so the duck confit was a new experience for me. It was served with grilled vegetables, goat cheese, and drizzled with red pepper coulis. The duck had a very meaty flavour and was quite tender. The serving portion was quite generous in my opinion.

Lobster Bisque Soup
It is quite clear how excited I was for the soup judging from that spill on the side. While the presentation was only mediocre, I liked the taste of the soup. It was creamy with rich lobster flavour, but not too heavy to the point where you would feel sick. My tastebuds were certainly pleased.

4oz Lobster Tails 
The highly anticipated lobster tails was surely the highlight of my night. Served with white wine cream sauce over jasmine rice, the lobster meat was so fresh and juicy. Not only that, the tails were quite large and the texture was so bouncy - they weren't joking when they said it would be 4 ounces. I also absolutely adored the cream sauce, which made my rice taste like delicious risotto.

Pan Seared Venison Medallions
The venison was served with berry and cassis reduction, glazed ontario parsnip and sweet potato yams. The dish looked extremely attractive to me, but I was hesitant after learning venison was deer meat. Amy had told me such great things about venison and the meat looked so tender as I watched it being cut. Finally I mustered up the courage to try it and boy was it tender! I enjoyed my bite until this distinct aftertaste arose in my mouth. I think it'll be a while until the next time I have venison..

Chocolate Petit Fours filled with Mango and Rapsberry Mousse
After the two satisfying courses, this dessert was quite a disappointment. The fruits were sour and the mousse just tasted like normal yogurt. It definitely brought down my overall dining experience.

Mini Chocolate truffle with Florette
The chocolate truffle with warm baileys creme was a little better, but not enough to turn things around. It was a bit dry and too overly sweet. The desserts were the only thing that we did not finish.

The atmosphere and exquisite decor at La Maquette was simply breathtaking. The fireplace keeps you warm and the lighting is just enough that you can see each other faces while keeping a romantic vibe. This is definitely the place to enjoy a romantic date.

Service: ★★★★★
Price: $$$$

La Maquette
111 King Street E
Toronto, ON

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Winterlicious Menu 
La Maquette's Lobster Bisque Soup
Warm Pulled Duck Confit
Red Oak leaf, Mustard Red Leaf and Wasabi Arugula (vegan) tossed in Lemon Herb Dressing 


Pan seared Venison medallions
Two 4 oz Lobster Tails
Roasted breast of Cornish Hen


Duet of chocolate petit fours
Mini Chocolate Truffle with Florette
Fresh Fruit Bowl (vegan)

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