Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Montréal is Food Heaven Series: Cacao 70

After brunch at Olive Et Gourmando and dinner at Reuben's Deli, it's time for dessert at Cacao 70
To get the full Cacao experience, we ordered the Sharing Sharing for two. The entire set can be split into two parts, as showed in the two photos. The first part includes strawberries, brownies, chocolate hazelnut wafers, graham crackers and milk chocolate fondue served with a personal grill to roast marshmallows (pictured left).

I had a lot of fun grilling my marshmallow and tried to make s'mores with the fondue chocolate but ended up creating quite a chocolatey mess (which still tasted amazing). The strawberries were very fresh and sweet and it didn't seem like they were soaked in sugar water before served. The wafers and brownie however, didn't seem as fun and special as everything else. 

The second part of the Sharing Sharing set includes 1/4 of a triple chocolate pizza, banana split waffle, and vanilla ice cream. 

This plate was the real full blown chocolate experience! With each bite of the triple chocolate pizza, you taste the rich mixture of melted white, milk and dark chocolate. The interesting thing about our pizza was that half of the crust was crunchy and half of it was chewy. We weren't sure that was intentional, but we sure loved the variety. 

The banana split waffles were also very delicious and I was actually glad that it did not have too much chocolate in it. The milk waffles were warm and crunchy and the caramelized bananas were a bonus that was more refreshing.

I am not a sweet tooth at all, but I thoroughly enjoyed everything we had here. The one thing I would recommend is getting a hot tea with your dessert to balance the sweetness.

Oh, and did I mention that the atmosphere here is very romantic and soothing? Definitely a perfect place to bring a date or someone important to you! 

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Cacao 70
2087 Rue Sainte-Catherine O.
Montreal, QC
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