Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baan Wasana: A Taste of Thailand

One of the things I enjoy most about the Vancouver food scene is probably the diversity. We literally have cuisines of the world right on our doorstep! I haven't had much experience with Thai food, but after trying out Baan Wasana, I know that I will definitely be back for more. The store front is small and not very eye catching, but on the inside, the decor screams "Thailand".

Baan Wasana has a special lunch menu during their noon hours, which comes with your choice of a light salad or soup, and entree of your choice. Since it was a particularly rainy day, I went with the soup. It was a nice flavorful broth, with vegetables and little vermicelli bits on the bottom. Usually these types of soups do not appeal to me, as they can get kind of bland, but this certainly was not the case!
Lunch Set Soup
For an appetizer I had their stuffed chicken wings, which went well beyond my expectations. It was very meaty on the inside and crispy on the outside. The dipping sauce adds a very nice tang.

Stuffed Chicken Wings $8.75

Rather than sticking with the good ole Pad Thai, I ventured out and decided to go for their Pad Kra-proaw. It was basically chicken stir fried with basil leaf and some peppers. I loved this dish as it was a perfect portion for lunch. The spiciness and sweetness of the stir fry goes extremely well with rice so I wolfed this down in no time.

Pad Kra-proaw $8.75
Next time you're in the Kerrisdale area, bypass the bubble tea/sushi joints and give Baan Wasana a try! Good food in combination with kind, patient service always makes for a fantastic meal! Of course, I can't comment on the authenticity of their food, but this place has made it onto my 'visit regularly' list.

Taste: ★★★★
Environment: ★★★
Service: ★★★★★
Price: $$

Baan Wasana
2143 W 41st Ave
Vancouver, BC
Baan Wasana Thai on Urbanspoon

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